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birthday present

30 Jun

This weekend, the BBC the premiere date for the new season of Doctor Who. The new series will transmit, with new Doctor Peter Capaldi, on my birthday. Not an awful present, really. I’m looking forward to the new guy; I like the actor, and I like the idea of an older actor in the role […]


The right to bear axes

21 Jun

Some of you out there might be aware of the latest bit of Second Amendment shenanigans out there; these “Open Carry” idiots who decide to “raise awareness” by parading around Target and Chipotle with AR-15s and such slung over their shoulders because the law doesn’t actively prohibit it; you know, those guys so out there […]


hey! remember the 80s?

20 Jun

We build excitement… ….and single-handedly support the hair-spray and smoke machine industry for a good couple of months.



18 Jun

The Freedom of Information Act is a wonderful thing, allowing any private citizen or group to request and usually receive (except in the case of sensitive or classified info) copies of government documents relating to any and all manner of things, as the business of government is, by design in our representative republic, the people’s […]



16 Jun

For friends who saw me this weekend, I may have appeared to be a bit more of a sad sack than usual. This wasn’t an illusion, I really was, and still kind of am. At the best of times, I recognize that I’m basically a sarcastically amusing Eyeore. When things get a little overwhelming, as […]


upset in the seventh

11 Jun

To my friends next door in Virginia’s 7th congressional district, I offer qualified congratulations for your district’s defeat of Majority Leader Eric Cantor in yesterday’s Republican primary. Rep. Cantor wasn’t particularly good the country, or for his district, and thanks to the results of this election, Mr. Cantor’s ambition of one day becoming Speaker of […]


ant-man – bring it on

09 Jun

Comics, everybody! Over the past couple of weeks, the buzz around Edgar Wright leaving the production of Ant-Man, surely Marvel’s most risky film project yet, after being with the project since 2006 over what appear to be creative differences over the direction the studio wanted to take the story, has been interesting, yet still pretty […]


ouch, but a good ouch

09 Jun

Last week was pretty much the week from hell. Among other things, I was saddled with leading a work project I wasn’t expecting when I came in Monday morning, though I’ve been kicking the project’s ass, and been granted the auspicious (and somewhat questionable) title of Test Commander. Sadly, I haven’t been issued a badge […]


dirty neon

02 Jun

I spent all last week breathing in drywall dust thanks to construction at the office. Thus, I spent most of the weekend sacked out on the couch watching campy 80s movies and cracking the new Dresden (very good so far…you should read it). I’m required to do some actual work this week (both for the […]


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