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24 Aug

I guess I’m officially “old” or something now. Empirically, when considering actuary tables, I’m on the downslope now, whatever that means. I don’t feel that old, at least mentally, I don’t feel any different than I did ten years ago. Physically, the body is sometimes letting me down, but for some reason, I’ve had to […]


inspiration in strange places

21 Aug

One of the things I’m doing this week at the office is reading and evaluating all sorts of documents I can’t talk about because of the many non-disclosure agreements I signed saying I wouldn’t. And I won’t, but I did find a single sentence buried in a disused paragraph somewhere in that stack of hundreds […]


announcing my dragon*con schedule

21 Aug

In case you missed all the subtle hints around here the last few months, you’re probably aware that I’ll be a performer/guest at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this year, serving as bass player for Cary, NC’s premiere wizard rock band The Blibbering Humdingers. If you weren’t aware, please consider this your official notification. Dragon*Con, for the […]



14 Aug

long time coming

13 Aug

“There is no doubt that Virginia is ready for the freedom to marry…” – James Parrish Virginia could begin issuing same sex marriage licenses as early as Wednesday. Excellent news. Of course, the US Supreme Court could jump in here with another stay. It might. It did in Utah a while back. But, I’m going […]


a few words on depression

12 Aug

Warning: uncharacteristically serious, and maybe a little personal The news about Robin Williams, by all accounts, sucks. Lots of people loved the guy’s work; I wasn’t what you’d call a super-fan, but I really liked and respected a lot of his performances, particularly the more dramatic stuff – you know, the bearded roles. For all […]


bottom end preparation

11 Aug

Things are quiet in this space. That’s because I’m busy learning songs and earning new calluses as I play lots and lots of bass guitar. The big gig is coming, and I am working dilligently to not embarass myself. my goal is to be off-book for two dozen songs or so by the end of […]


a week. a weekend.

04 Aug

Spent much of the past week feeling pretty awful. There was some sort of viral thing kicking around the office the week previous, and it landed on me, hard, over the weekend, so much so that I took last Monday off and slept for something like 16 hours straight. I’d mostly gotten clear of it […]


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