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bad wizard – a major announcement

30 Sep

“I think you are a very bad man,” said Dorothy. “Oh, no, my dear; I’m really a very good man; but I’m a very bad Wizard, I must admit.” With that quote lifted from L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz begins James Maxey’s new novel Bad Wizard, available tomorrow, October 1, from Antimatter […]


they say that man Strike is a bad mutha…shut yo mouth!

29 Sep

While I was in Atlanta last week, my library hold on Robert Galbraith’s The Silkworm came in. I picked it up on Friday, and, being a good library citizen, I shoved the book I was reading (D.B. Jackson’s Theiftaker – really good, btw) temporarily aside, and started reading this one immediately so I can put […]


new addition

23 Sep

This sign wasn’t in this particular parking lot the last time I was on this side of town…. I am a positive force for social change, or at least influential in sowing paranoia.


friday random ten eleven – “a long forty hours” edition

19 Sep

Along with being International Talk Like A Pirate Day, it’s Friday, which means, if I get around to it, a list of tunes pulled at random from my hard drive. Twas a long week at work. New software releases, lots of repetitive questions, briefings to a nationwide audience, dropping everything to respond to Senatorial queries…you […]



19 Sep

Avast, Ye! It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day! To celebrate, here’s Tom Smith (and the Pirate Guys) performing the official Sea Shanty of this annual tradition:


courtesy as a defense mechanism

18 Sep

I am a bureaucrat. It’s not necessarily something I’m proud of; when asked what I do for a living, I usually offer up some variation of “IT guy”, which is what sticks. But basically, I’m a cog in a giant bureaucracy with a fearsome reputation for being unpleasant to deal with, even, as is the […]


current events, regrettable priorities

17 Sep

As is the case with most modern white-collar offices, my workspace has taken advantage of the latest advances in display technology, and has placed relatively unobtrusive LCD monitors in high traffic areas; ideally, as a means of providing useful information to the workforce when they aren’t shackled to their cubicles and email accounts. When these […]


wizard world richmond

15 Sep

So, the Wizard Entertainment juggernaut came to town this weekend, as the popular comics and pop culture convention expanded into several new cities in 2014, including mine. I wasn’t really planning on going to this show, for a couple of reasons: first, the pricing for even one-day tickets was much higher than I’d like, and […]


friday random ten – “dialing in on normal” edition

12 Sep

After many, many weeks of (mostly exciting and cool) weirdness, I’m sort of zeroing in on a regular schedule again. This may change at any moment, as work is futzing with last-minute scheduling with business travel, and there’s always other mysterious possibilities on the horizon. Anyway, though – it’s Friday morning, the kids are at […]


dragon*con 2014 post-op report

03 Sep

So, as indicated previously, I spent the weekend at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, playing bass for my friends The Blibbering Humdingers throughout the weekend as part of the filk track. This is the space where I chronicle my experiences on this adventure. The executive summary/tl;dr version? It was great fun, though more than a little intimidating, […]


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