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no pants weekend

24 Nov

So, as I mentioned previously, a little while back, I bought a kilt. Since then, I’ve been looking for excuses to wear it. I’ve done the local Celtic Festival and the ladies’ Irish dance competition, and got many positive comments. Based on the enthusiastic encouragement of some friends, I went unbifurcated to this weekend’s Virginia […]



19 Nov

Apologies, my drunken friends; this post is not about rum. Feel free to indulge, though; I’m no judging. On an average day, I wear many different hats; I seem to keep collecting more as new and interesting things come into my life (some of them too premature to talk about right now). Today’s post comes […]


I’ll have something eventually

17 Nov

I’m busy with life things that require my attention more than posting things here does. Eventually, I’ll get around to semi-regular entries again. If you’ve been waiting around, sorry. Too much to do in the real world…


election recap

05 Nov

Yeah, last night wasn’t good for those of us who dress left. Statistically, though, this sort of power swing is what happens at this point in a President’s term (Reagan, both Bushes, etc). I don’t expect there to be much change in actual results; nothing much useful got done before, it’s unlikely much is going […]



04 Nov

Today is election day. Every year, regardless of whether the ballot is full of big national names or relatively anonymous local offices, on this day I tell everyone within reach of this page to get out to your local polling place (find it here!) and cast your ballot, because it’s your duty and privilege as […]


election eve correspondence, briefly the weekend

03 Nov

Wanna know how I know America’s campain apparatus has shifted into Get-Out-The-Vote mode? My inbox (well, my spam folder, anyway) is full of pleas to get out the vote from 1/3rd of the Avengers (Scarlett Johannsen and Mark Ruffalo), rock legend Joan Jett, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, the entire Democratic congressional leadership, The […]


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