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wrapping up

24 Dec

So, I’ve been done with work for the year since last Wednesday. That’s usually enough to warrant a mention here by itself. Not this year; I’ve been too busy. Now it’s Christmas Eve, I’ve been off for a about a week (wow…doesn’t seem like it), and I’m finally getting a small breather. I’ve been doing […]


best gif ever

17 Dec

Presented without additional comment: action movie acrobat panda:


up and down

16 Dec

So, this past weekend, stuff happened. Warning: post will contain life. I worked a short week last week, as I will this weekend – it’s the end of the year, and for the first time, accumulated leave, and my inertial habit of not taking all that much during the course of the year (especially when […]


back-channel studio communication and the spider-man situation

15 Dec

If you’ve been following entertainment news at all recently, you’ve probably heard about the Sony Pictures hack that went down recently, allegedly perpetrated by North Korea because of that Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy about tabloid journalists being recruited to assasinate Kim Jong-Un. Whether that suspicion is true or not (I don’t know), the world learned […]


friday random ten – not shut down…yet

12 Dec

So, like all good federal employees, I stayed glued to the internet last night to find out if Congress passed the continuing resolution, so as to know whether I would be locked out of work. Actually, since Friday is my scheduled day off, it was a matter of whether I’d have to go in on […]


a holiday tradition

10 Dec

I mentioned earlier the holiday party from this weekend. This is that post. Every year, my friends K.T. and Kevin throw a geeky, music-filled Holiday party; it’s the social event of the season, no question, especially this year, because: Yes, that’s me playing naughty songs about young adult literature with my friends The Blibbering Humdingers, […]


playing at gender

10 Dec

As so many of us are venturing into the toy aisles these days (well, for some of us, more often than we ususally do), ’tis the perfect season for articles such as this piece in The Atlantic about historical trends in gendering of toy marketing. If you’ve been toy shopping recently, or even walked past […]



02 Dec

Hope your holiday worked out nicely. Things didn’t start out badly on my end; our holiday feast was pretty nice; we tried out a few new recipes, including the awesomeness that is “Jezebel Sauce” (cranberry kicked up with horseradish and mustard). We did the usual parade and dog show stuff on television, then mostly hung […]


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