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FF – intriguing

29 Jan

“The most important thing about the Fantastic Four is that this is a movie about a family.” -Josh Trank So I watched that teaser trailer the other day. It was interesting; it sure looked pretty, even if it didn’t quite look like the Fantastic Four (I refuse to acknowledge FANT4STIC at all except to dismiss […]


superhero round-up

27 Jan

Because some significant superhero media news came out on Monday, and I have thoughts! ♦- David Tenant as Zebediah Kilgrave/Purple Man in AKA Jessica Jones (I’m calling it that, even if it doesn’t end up being called that; it’s a great title for a long-in-development property) series going to Netflix is really good casting. I’m […]


behold, productivity

26 Jan

So…another one of those lamented (at least by me) “look at what I did on my weekend!” posts. Had an okay week at work. I have an actual assigned desk now, which is something; the box of office supplies and documentation is now out of the back of my car and reinstalled in the new […]


something besides penguins and drinking games – the state of a blog

21 Jan

So yeah, life’s getting in the way around here; not much in the way of time to tend to this little corner of the internet. I guess I should be honest; I haven’t been tending to this space with much real depth for a while now. I guess there are a couple of reasons for […]


gamifying politics

20 Jan

So folks, tonight’s the Annual State of the Union address, as proscribed by Article II, Section III of the U.S. Constitution: He shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient This “annual message […]


gamifying science

05 Jan

Thanks to this story on NPR Sunday morning, my family has discovered, a project through which researchers crowdsource science, appealing to the public to help classify hundreds of thousands of photographs of penguins taken all over the world via remote camera installations. Basically, people can visit the web site, where they’re presented with photos, […]


the now-traditional annual job change post

05 Jan

…apologies for the shitty transition After two and a half weeks off, I returned to the office Monday, perhaps refreshed from my holiday staycation, though mostly wracked with low-level anxiety about the prospects of my new job, which also began Monday (the fourth time I’ve changed positions in four years…I hope to slow that down […]


2014 in review

02 Jan

I usually do a “by the numbers” post here, racking up the various numbers by which the year can be measured. Not going to to that this year, largely because my flu shot back in October was complete crap and I’ve been sick my whole Christmas break. My lovely spouse just pointed out that this […]


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