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speaking of life

23 Feb

So, things are maybe getting back to normal after the 5 inches of snow shut down most of Virginia for a week. The kids were off of school for five unplanned days, my office was closed one day (though I still ended up working – yay telework…not), all kinds of activities were cancelled for everyone, […]


friday random ten – “too many comics” edition

20 Feb

Because sometimes, you need a break from talking about Spider-Man all the time. Enjoy some tunes. “Waiting on a Memory” – Badlees “Love Love Love” – Of Monsters and Men “Call and Answer” – Barenaked Ladies “On Top of the World” – Imagine Dragons “Bragging Party” – The Amps “My Girl’s Ex-Boyfriend” – Relient K […]


Slott on Spider-Man in the movies

20 Feb

Spider-Man writer Dan Slott recently did an interview about the Marvel Cinematic Univers, specifically commenting on the recent news about Spider-Man, the character he’s been shepherding since 2008 (and before, if you count the excellent Spider-Man/Human Torch: I’m With Stupid limited series back in ’05). As usual, the guy’s right on about about a lot […]


a name for my affliction

12 Feb

Over at the AV Club today, there’s a great “11 Questions” interview with character actor Titus Welliver, wherein he answers questions about bad jobs, strange advice he’s received, waxes nostalgic about collecting comics and toys, and reveals his opinion (which I share) that Frank Langella was an amazing Skeletor in the 80s live-action adaptation of […]


the web-slinger comes home

10 Feb

As people (including me) have been speculating for months, a press release from Marvel Entertainment yesterday made things official: Spider-Man will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Looks like it’s a collaborative arrangement, with Sony continuing to produce and finance the Spider-Man films, though in collaboration with Marvel Films, who will help to shape the creative […]


business as usual?

09 Feb

Let’s hope so. Things started settling down at the office by Thursday afternoon (in case you hadn’t figured it out, we had what you can euphemistically call an “IT emergency” involving a shift into round-the-clock crisis management mode and contingency planning for a couple of days). I managed to get my regular Friday off (after […]


pew pew

05 Feb

Lots of things going on occupying most of my time this week that I can’t really talk about. I’m kind of forgetting how to be a whole person rather than just a professional reacting to continual workplace crises. When I do remember how to be a person, it’s not too long before I realize I’m […]


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