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irony morrissettii

31 Mar

So, my morning today started, as it often does, with my morning bathroom rituals, which are nothing special, and thus I won’t describe them in detail, in deference to common decency…never fear, though, this story gets rather icky anyway… As you may know, my home is small, and space is at a premium. To save […]


♫ hello depression my old friend ♫

30 Mar

F**K off, please. it’s been a tough couple of weeks. No particular thing to point to beyond life and chemical imbalances; it’s just hitting extra hard right now after my working so very hard to hold things together last week, which, on top of other stuff previously expressed, involved begging executive level management for a […]


oh the buzzwordity!

27 Mar

My current job, which, I think, maybe, on the whole, I’m going to eventually grow to like, possibly, once I truly come to terms with the fact that I don’t actually make anything anymore so much as enable other people to make thing, involves a lot of business-speak for something that’s nominally in the world […]



23 Mar

If you see me today and I seem a little more down (than usual anyway), please forgive me. It’s not you. It’s just me noticing someone missing who I think would have gotten a real kick out of some of the cool stuff my family and I manage to find ourselves doing (or for that […]


rocking for spock

23 Mar

Among all the other things this weekend, I played a show with my friends The Blibbering Humdingers at a local venue in town; ’twas us and our fellow nerd-rockers Paradox Machine playing to a full house of friends and nerd-rock fans, which was pretty great. We had a lot of local (and not so local) […]


“i won’t break today”

20 Mar

As much as I hate to admit it, the subject of this post is what I find myself chanting to myself as I walk from the parking lot to the office door every morning these days. Things are a little rough around my office right now; first, because I’m still figuring out what the hell […]


my special purpose?

10 Mar

I have just become aware of the amazing existence of B Spec hatchback racing. Mostly stock, sub-125hp econoboxes racing on real, honest-to-goodness professional racetracks. It’s like the early stages of Gran Turismo (in my opinion, the most entertaining stages) come to life. It may not have the speed of high-end racing, but these little guys […]


studio slap fight

05 Mar

There’s a long tradition of the “big two” comic companies taking friendly swipes at each other; Marvel gently mocking the “Distinguished Competition” in it’s letters pages and “Bullpen Bulletins”, and DC pulling some similar stunts in their own, slightly more serious way officially (but being just as jocular unofficially). In the print world, it’s always […]


friday mourning

04 Mar

So today I made a decision. I am going back to my five day work schedule. I dislike this, because I loved my three day weekends. The problem is that as much as I hate adding Friday back to my schedule, worse was the feeling of resentment I would get whenever I had to give […]


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