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ravencon weekend

27 Apr

couple of great shows with the Blibbering Humdingers, getting to see some good friends (a couple of whom I met in real life for the first time), and not spending a whole bunch of money…I’m calling it a pretty good con. That said, things felt a bit off this year at Ravencon – it looked […]


congrats, fred!

26 Apr

Today I heard the news from a fellow ‘Ville Newman Association alum that my friend and former campus minister, Ed Malesic, has been appointed Bishop of the Diocese of Greensburg, Pennsylvania by Pope Francis. I’m really glad to see Fr. Ed in a position to serve a large community. He was my campus minister during […]


ravencon 2015

23 Apr

If you’re not doing anything this weekend, and happen to be within spitting distance of Richmond, come on down to RavenCon, my hometown sci-fi convention! There’s plenty to do, from gaming to shopping to hobnobbing with with authors and artists both famous and up-and-coming, and of course…music. Once again, I’ll be sitting in with The […]


i want to believe

21 Apr

Yes, I know it’s fake (we all got it straight from Joss’s mouth). I’m almost sad about this, because this forty seconds or so gets Spider-Man right in a way that five films and two different Spider-Men didn’t. We can only hope that when Marvel films finally does introduce Spider-Man, it’s at least this good:


Herb Trimpe

14 Apr

I found out today that artist Herb Trimpe passed away. Perhaps you’ve not heard the name before, but you’ve probably heard of The Incredible Hulk, who Trimpe worked on for most of the 1970s, establishing many of the character’s iconic elements, Wolverine, a character first drawn by Trimpe (who he also co-created with Len Wein […]


back to the real world

14 Apr

Had a great long weekend playing rock star. The band was tight, the headliners were gracious, the venues were excellent, and the audience was appreciative. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Plus we layed down tracks for half-a-dozen songs for the next record. One more item struck from the bucket list. Now I go […]


this weekend…the tour

09 Apr

If you happen to be in or around North Carolina this weekend, why not swing by The Cary Theater on Friday night or The Green Bean Coffeehouse in Greensboro on Sunday for some live music? I’ll be sitting in on bass with The Blibbering Humdingers for both shows, opening for wizard rock pioneers Harry and […]


my inner 9 year old just screamed

01 Apr

Like a lot of latchkey Gen-Xers in the 80s, I spent a lot of time with the TV babysitter. The early 80s was also the advent of cable TV, complete with the old style plastic woodgrain channel-changey boxes and all that. In what must have been ’83 or ’84, we had HBO for a while. […]


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