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friday non-random ten – songs about wizards and s**t

24 Jul

Hey, it’s Friday, which means music. Lacking any good randomizers, I figured I’d go non-random this time, and list some songs about wizards, given yesterday’s post. Not all of these are Harry Potter, but it’s my list, I don’t care, because wizards are a great topic to mine for music. I’m sure other people have […]


adjacent to rock and roll greatness

23 Jul

So, the Blibbering Humdingers got called out in an article on today, as #7 of “17 ‘Harry Potter’ Bands That Would Put The Weird Sisters To Shame”. As a sometime/adjunct member of one of the “top 10”, I guess I should be honored (and I am, given the company on the list – luminaries […]


vigilantes custodum

21 Jul

Given the baseline of the American school system, it’s kind of atypical that I never read To Kill A Mockingbird in high school – I *think* I touched it in college, but for whatever reason, I don’t have any more than a collective unconscious impression of it from that period; and I know I’ve never […]



18 Jul

Seventeen years. Still sticking around. Either you’re actually into me or a glutton for punishment. Happy anniversary. This video has nothing to do with our relationship. Admit it, though, you’d love it if I could do those high kicks with the bass…


friday pandora ten – “could really use a silver lining” edition

17 Jul

It’s Friday, and it’s long overdue. Sleep has still been fitful all week thanks to all kinds of stressful crap, but you know, I’m dealing. For all the crap being thrown my way, I’m mostly dealing with it to the point where I don’t always *look* like I’m on the edge of cracking to those […]



15 Jul

Given my current collection of life experiences, the next time find myself at a western-style equestrian competition, I will be completely justified in saying “This Ain’t My First Rodeo” This post is brought to you by my recent, lamented discovery that I have to go to Oklahoma in two weeks for a work conference.


conquering the soldering iron

14 Jul

If you happen to keep an eye on my social media feed, you’ll notice that I ran into some last minute trouble with my main bass this weekend. Saturday night I plugged in the five-string Jazz bass and felt more resistance than expected, followed immediately by markedly less resistance; the sure sign of an input […]


strangeness in vision and dream

13 Jul

Warning: Post Contains weird, stream-of-consciousness recounting of the dream experiences. It’s weird. Feel free to ignore. I just had to get it out. Due to a number of factors, including stress and anxiety on all manner of fronts, and the lack of my wife in my house and bed this weekend (She and the girls […]


friday musical discovery – elle king

10 Jul

So, traditionally (if not so much lately), Friday has been “random ten” day around these parts, where I run a playlist of ten tunes at random off of the record collection/mp3 player/streaming app/whatever I have around and occasionally comment on them. Not doing that today, though I will toss out this week’s interesting musical discovery. […]


no one could know how much i needed this this week

09 Jul

Thanks to more than one dear friend, this guided meditation from a brilliant guru named Jason Headley, floating serenely out there in the electronic aether, popped up in my various media feeds, and I am extremely grateful. While, as another friend says, “it’s not how Elizabeth* does it”, it certainly applies to the kind of […]


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