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airborne livestock

31 Aug

Against my will and inclination, and after a pretty decent weekend hanging out with my teenage daughter going to the movies and teaching her how to drive) my ultra-short drop-in business travel to the Buckeye State is underway. Flights yesterday were on-time and uneventful, but were the bumpiest flights I’ve ever been on – roller […]


bananas and traffic lights

29 Aug

Once upon a time, the dear, departed Mitch Hedberg graced us with the following wisdom: On a traffic light green means go and yellow means yield, but on a banana it’s just the opposite. Green means hold on, yellow means go ahead, and red means where the hell did you get that banana at… Today, […]


Friday random ten: “bouncing ’round the map” edition

28 Aug

Okay, folks, this has been a really, really long week, mostly because of the involvement of hours and hours of conference calls and powerpoints (seriously – yesterday was like eight hours’ worth). This is my life now, apparently. the good news is that I have short work week next week, and although that break will […]


playing with my birthday present

26 Aug

So the other day was my birthday. For my birthday, I splurged a little and bought myself a present – a Behringer UM2 audio interface, so I can start fiddling around a bit more seriously with digital recording. I want to be able to record without latency, mostly to share tracks with collaborators, though partially […]


bookending 40

24 Aug

If I look back to a year ago, I find that I spent my 40th birthday rehearsing for a music gig. On the last day of my 40th year, I spent the evening playing a gig with that same group of friends and co-conspirators, this time in the upstairs community space at a pretty neat […]


nerdmusik in norfolk

21 Aug

In case you’re in Norfolk tomorrow night and need something to do, we’re playing a show with our friend Mikey Mason at Atlantis Comics on Saturday night. Details here. Come see us, it’ll be our first show together since Concarolinas, and it should be interesting and fun, and we’ll make you laugh. I hear there […]


wandering off the staff

17 Aug

So, in the last couple of weeks, I took a couple of musical steps outside my comfort zone, and I survived. First, thanks to a certain musical director catching my absent-mindedly warming up my fingers on the guitar one evening, I ended up playing a big fancy improvizational flamenco/surf guitar cadenza during a neat little […]



14 Aug

Happy Birthday, here’s to giving up car seats!


comic box office and another neat fake

11 Aug

warning: contains comics So, unsurprisingly, Fantastic Four (2015) tanked this weekend. I’m not surprised, really; it sounds like it simply didn’t get the characters or the concept, plus, there’s the whole talk of the studio losing confidence in the director and doing reshoots which led to a film described as having no second act and […]


let’s talk gender and culture issues in the workplace!

10 Aug

…because that sounds like fun. Trust me, though, this piece comes with a happy, or at least encouraging ending. In case readers don’t know, after more than a decade adjacent to the industry (working as a functional and process resource supporting development), I took an actual position in an information technology directorate earlier this year. […]


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