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circumstances beyond my control

28 Sep

Hi. Welcome to Monday morning. It’s not the best Monday morning, though really, I haven’t had a terribly great Monday morning in a while. I think that’s kind of the white-collar working-stiff bureaucrat default, though, so I’m not worried about that. I am, however, still kind of worried about the shutdown business, even if the […]


simple and effective

26 Sep

So, above you’ll find the latest teaser for Marvel’s Jessica Jones, the second of the “street level” MCU series on Netflix (coming in November). I was looking forward to this one anyway, because I really enjoyed the comic series Alias upon which this show will be based (plus, you know, I’ll watch anything related to […]


friday random ten breakdown

25 Sep

So, if you’ve talked to me in the last week (don’t worry, there haven’t been many of you), you might have heard me talk about the potential government shutdown. It’s a pain in the ass, dick-measuring contest fighting over where approximately .0037% of the federal government’s spending goes (and it’s over whether women have access […]


nostalgia and felt – the muppets reaction

24 Sep

So, I watched the new Muppets tv show this week, called, creatively enough,The Muppets (you can watch it too at the link if you missed it), which premiered to positive-to-mixed reviews this week. The premise is not-too-dissimilar to the original The Muppet Show back in the 70s, merely replacing the live theater variety show with […]


friday random ten specific photo

11 Sep

Because it’s been hell of day and I don’t feel like futzing with my phone or my music archive, I’m not posting a random playlist, but rather a photo (taken by facebook personage Wendy Lea “WaltzingDog” Feldmann) from our Saturday night set at Dragon*Con last weekend, because it’s cool, and makes us look like a […]


waiting to stand in line – dragon*con 2015

10 Sep

So now my little “working” vacation is over, and I can tell the tale. Dragon*Con was an interesting, entertaining, tiring, and occasionally frustrating experience, but I survived, and, in fact, mostly thrived. Our shows went well – there was some great energy in the room, and people seemed to dig our stuff, even if they […]


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