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I feel strange, but also good

26 Oct

After nine hours in the car on Thursday after my trip, I had scheduled Friday off, in part because I knew I’d need a bit of a rest after nine hours in the the car, partially because we had lots of weekend stuff (see below), and also because we’re hitting the end of the year […]


I wasn’t even supposed to be here today

19 Oct

Greetings from the mysterious mid-west. I don’t really want to be here, because I’m adding absolutely no value to this test I’m supposed to be supervising/supporting, since the guys who actually do the work have this business down. Also, I have another test going on at home that, frankly, requires a lot more attention. I’m […]


indigenous people’s day off

12 Oct

Hoping this’ll be a quiet week. Personally, I didn’t do a heck of a lot this weekend (thanks to standing obligations being cancelled at the last minute), which was kind of a relief, as I’d been feeling a bit off, with the season change and all the work responsibilities keeping me at the office a […]


just about perfect

09 Oct

I really loved this book/experiment.


short attention span multipass-post

07 Oct

umm….. Nothing huge or earthshattering to report or discuss, but not everything has to be, I guess, right? I mean, not everything reaches the lofty heights of green poop, now does it? Life’s been life. I’m trying not to think too hard about workplace shutdowns in December, and I don’t expect the news media, regardless […]


“when a fan list comes out… we look at it!”

02 Oct

With Age of Ultron out on disc today, there’s been a lot of talk with Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige about all kinds of things, including, it seems, Captain Marvel, who, according to this piece, we won’t be getting any casting announcements on this year. Fan casting continues unabated on the internet, however (as […]


halloween surprise

01 Oct

So today I did not pack a lunch for work; sometimes you just forget. So, around mid-day meal time today, I went to Burger King, where I acquired the Halloween Whopper, the watered down American version of the strange/awesome Japanese version with the black cheese and squid ink. This, more or less, is what I […]


dodged a bullet…

01 Oct

…at least now I can backburner the furlough stress until December. Which is good, because I need room to worry about potential hurricane-related power outages. Yeah. In the meantime, here’s a little poetry I assembled from random phrases found in the spam comment folder of this here web site, because I do that now and […]


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