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friday pandora ten – “last day at work” edition

11 Dec

Red Letters by Mikey Mason At long last, today is my last day at work for the year 2015. I’ll be honest, it’s been a tough one. My job changed; hell, my career changed. I spent most of the year just figuring out what the hell I’m supposed to be doing here. One of these […]


spam folder poetry: “my dirty hobby”

08 Dec

Once again, my spam folder becomes full, so rather than just purging it, I recycle by grabbing choice bits of word salad and create ART. Sadly, there were fewer options this time; a good 85 percent of the 900 odd entries were the same list of questionable sales sites for knockoff designer bags for “black […]


pendulum swinging

07 Dec

So folks…it’s been a week. There’ve been some great, amazing high points, and some startlingly low points, though even during those low points, I’ve had a great bunch of people around to help pull me up (or at least keep me from sinking irretreivably into the abyss). I don’t make much of a secret of […]


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