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plague weekend, and looking toward Tuesday

29 Feb

So, starting Friday evening, my house has been infected with the plague; everybody but me got some sort of bacterial gut infection, causing all kinds of awfulness all around. Seriously, my house kind of looked like a combination of these two clips. Apologies in advance to the weak of constitution: I suspect I was spared […]


a weekend, and a prediction

26 Feb

This week’s kind of been a blur. I was sick last weekend, and still kind of am, only I’m taking a seriously high dose of prescribed of antibiotics to wipe out whateve infection has lodged itself in my skull and respiratory system for the last month or so. It’s like “scour the cities and salt […]


nevada part two

23 Feb

Okay, so I screwed up and missed the South Carolina Republican primary on Saturday. my reading of the schedule was wrong, I had a gig on Saturday (which was *AWESOME*), and I’ve got this bronchial thing that won’t go away that I’m fighting and trying to get a doctor to look at, but apparently everybody […]


weekend – politics and wrocking

19 Feb

Not a bad week, all told. Work’s been, to my great relief, quiet, with no major crises looming or fires to put out. Made my boss happy a couple of times, rebuilt a few connections that might pay dividends later, and maybe cracked a bit of an issue that’s been nagging for a few months. […]


mid-life crisis therapy

17 Feb

When I had my beloved Pontiac Vibe totalled out from under me a few years back, what I really wanted was to simply grab the more modern replacement, because I loved the thing so damned much. Unfortunately, at the time, both the Vibe, and it’s sibling the Toyota Matrix, had been discontinued. I needed a […]


friday pandora ten eleven: “brown pants” edition

12 Feb

If you’ve been keeping pace with me at all lately, you know that this has been a hell of a week. the tl;dr version? Doubt. Uncertainty. Signs of problematic developments in the future. Headaches. Lack of sleep. Hopelessness. Depression. As I mentioned earlier this week, there have been some awesome folks out there who have, […]


seeking and finding

11 Feb

It’s been a rough kind of week. Upheaveal, and Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt are currently in power in my organization, I can’t seem to get any of my concerns or questions answered, and none of the timelines I’m able to project from here into the new order seem to work out nicely for me. The […]


new hampshire

09 Feb

Okay, my head may have gotten a little swollen after nailing the Iowa prediction last week, so I’m going to go out on a limb again, and try and predict today’s New Hampshire Primary results. My predictions are not the least bit scientific – I take a look at the polls, the general sense of […]



04 Feb

The photo above pretty much represents my ability to speak right now. Not sure where it came from, but I’ve got *another* bug running through my system. I did spend a while in the company of little girls at the dance school this weekend; maybe I picked something up there. I feel mostly okay, though […]



01 Feb

So, today is the day…the first official votes in this Presidential election cycle actually get cast this evening; the rubber, as they say, finally meets the road. Predictions? I’m not sure, really, but here’s my general take: For the Democrats, I’m hoping for a good showing for Bernie Sanders (if we’re being honest, he’s the […]


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