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weekend plans

28 Apr

In case anybody’s looking, I’ll be at RavenCon this weekend, now in Williamsburg rather than Richmond doing the fan thing and doing several shows with the Humdingers over the course of the weekend. I’m curious to see how the new venue is going to work out – it was nice enough for MarsCon a few […]


prostrate exam

27 Apr

So, today was perhaps my least favorite day of the year when it comes to work. The day I have to get dressed up all pretty-like and stand before the agency senior leadership and beg for funding in order to keep the lights on and the analysts paid for another year. It sucks. It’s kind […]


2016 can stop it with the death already

23 Apr

The news that came out this morning that Patton Oswalt’s wife, Michelle McNamara passed away has hit me a bit more deeply than one would expect. I didn’t know them, don’t know of anyone I know who knows them…I am, however, a big fan of Mr. Oswalt’s work. In fact, it’s an odd piece of […]



22 Apr

We could all die any day But before I’ll let that happen, I’ll dance my life away Yeah. Prince died yesterday. 2016 has been a pretty terrible year for losing rock and roll icons; icons that actually resonated with me, rather than old do-wop guys who were influential to the medium but, to be honest, […]


another trip down, various and sundry

18 Apr

first of all, I am happy to report that my work concerns I mentioned last week aren’t really concerns; it looks like they got things locked down, and the fact that I made some noise about it during the dog and pony show Q&A was appreciated by the people that matter. One less thing to […]


the wrong approach

13 Apr

I know I bitch about work a lot here, but I don’t generally bitch specifically about the way my organization does things. Today I’ll make an exception, names concealed to protect the guilty. As I said yesterday, I’m travelling out to the midwest for a day-long Dog and Pony Show/Kick-off meeting for a big, multi-million […]


raining – not (completely) a metaphor

12 Apr

Feeling maybe normalized again after a rough emotional week. In between running kids to formal events, rehearsal, and Irish Dance Spectaculars, I got a lot of video game time in…knocking out wave after wave of HYDRA goons and demons in Mid-Town Manhattan in Marvel Heroes can, in its own way, be meditative. On Sunday after […]


not necessarily fair

08 Apr

Happy Friday, folks. I hope it’s happy for you, at any rate. Consider this your semi-annual “depression sucks” reminder, because my system is totally reminding me. I’ve had what one might consider a pretty good week, all told. Work is going amazingly well – I’ve been hesitant to say anything, for fear of jinxing all […]


crazy! cool!

04 Apr

Yes, I know there’s going to be post-production work done on this scene to add something in the background; probably some trippy surrealistic Ditko-esque nightmare portal to who knows where… But, all the same, I kind of want to imagine that this scene from Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange, shot in NYC this weekend, is going […]


into the west

04 Apr

So as you may have gathered from my last post here and the occasional dispatch from social media, I was in California last week. the photo you see above (and any other photos you might see in this post) is not representive of the views I enjoyed while spending my week in the area around […]


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