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on that bombshell – new new top gear

31 May

In case I haven’t mentioned it before (I’m pretty sure I have), Top Gear is very popular in the TV rotation in my house; it’s a fun and entertaining programme, and the case can be made that it’s educational, at least a little bit. it’s a car show that appeals across the board to more […]


so that captain america news from yesterday…

26 May

For those not in the know, in the current arc of the new Steve Rogers: Captain America comic (which hit comic shops yesterday), it’s been shockingly revealed that …Cap’s been a HYDRA Agent all along!. Thanks to a full-court press by Marvel Executive Editor/Senior VP of Publishing Tom Brevoort, a nice chunk of the mainstream […]


don’t panic

25 May

in case this needs any explanation. Also, a certain small independent film opened on this date back in 1977, which might be worth celebrating a bit.


slow paperwork day

24 May

I’m half afflicted with some weird stomach bug I acquired late this weekend (though I hear it’s going around), but since my calendar is completely empty today (as is my building), I went to work this morning in the hope of not interacting physically with another soul for eight hours, and complete some paperwork and […]


“yesterday felt like” friday random ten

20 May

Nothing truly amazing to report around these parts, other than the fact it was tougher than usual getting up this morning; yesterday, involving as it did a drive back from Northern Virginia after a two day meeting sitting in a conference room talking about combining organizations (which I won’t even be part of, because I’m […]


going to miss rhetoric like this

16 May

…from President Obama’s commencement address at Rutgers on Sunday: Facts, evidence, reason, logic, an understanding of science — these are good things. These are qualities you want in people making policy. These are qualities you want to continue to cultivate in yourselves as citizens. That might seem obvious….We traditionally have valued those things. But if […]


as a gen-x old, I am insulted on behalf of millenials everywhere

13 May

…and in general, I dislike millenials in the aggregate (I think maybe my older kids count, so I can’t speak in specifics). Exhibit: this damned Chevrolet ad campaign, that I was subjected to every couple of minutes while I was streaming a tv show the other day (streaming video via a set-top box; kinda millenial, […]


friday random ten: “sleep for the dead” edition

13 May

Happy Friday, folks. ‘Tis been a week. I’ve spent a lot of it convalescing. The week started with my “front row” (that’s where they sit) analysts popping in and out due to illness; which struck me Wednesday. I woke up long enough to call in sick around 6am, then went back to bed, and woke […]


“no. you move.” – a weekend

09 May

As is habit, this is the place where I tell you about some of the stuff I did this weekend; the amount of stuff being not inconsiderable this time around. Friday was relatively low-key. Having some soon-to-expire travel comp time, I made it a half day at work after a busy week of testing, briefing […]


may the fourth etc etc

04 May

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone! I guess this is kind of a appropriate, as I spent the weekend doing sci-fi like things (if not exactly Star Wars things) at Ravencon. We had some pretty good shows that were well-enjoyed by our fans (wow…I have fans? That’s weird), even if I was a little “off” all […]


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