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friday random ten – “actually thursday” edition

30 Jun

I’m taking a couple of days off for the Independence Day weekend, starting with Thursday afternoon, so I’m doing my Friday post now, on Thursday, because I have aspirations at least to stay off the damned internet. Whether that happens or not is up for debate, but it’s a goal, and the fact that I’ll […]


may all your citrus be as you expect

27 Jun

On my way out the door this morning, I grabbed an orange from the fresh bag I bought the other day with the intention of making it breakfast once I got to the office. As I peeled it and began consuming it, I realized it was actually a grapefruit. huh. Now, I don’t mind grapefruit […]


friday random pandora ten – “dancing while the world burns” edition

24 Jun

It’s been a week (as I always say – one day I’m going to do a statistical analysis of common phrases of this space); I’ve been chronicling it here, mostly, so no real need to go into it now (but you know I’m going to, at least a little bit). the stuff I haven’t talked […]


a (very long) evening with…

23 Jun

Several months back, I won a pair of tickets to see Chris Cornell’s solo show at the Carpenter via the WNRN VIP Member List, one of the nicely efficient perks of supporting independent music radio in Virginia – every Monday, members get an email with a bunch of potential prizes (mostly concert tickets) they might […]


hard days

20 Jun

Today, the first Monday after the last day of school, always ends up being a little strange. Mechanically, it’s not all that different. Last nigth, I went to bed before everyone else (which, let’s be honest, I do quite a bit), and I was the first one up (except for the kitten); the house was […]


it’s okay to just have the experience

17 Jun

The last big rock show I went to was Queensryche last month, and although I enjoyed the show a great deal, so much of the audience spent the whole thing standing in the aisles (and in my way, more often than not) watching not the show itself, but the little four or five inch representation […]


friday random ten: “small favors” edition

17 Jun

It’s Friday morning, and it’s looking like a slow day to wind out the week. I’ll take it. The week itself has been, well, a week. I woke up ill one day this week, so cashed in one of my roughly three years’ work of unused sick leave (you have to do that now and […]


another weekend, another tragedy

13 Jun

Hell, it’s been a weekend. Saturday I spent some time with a musician friend working some demo recordings for a project we’re working on. We got some nice vocal tracks down for one tune (it’s a good one) before life’s problems started to intrude on the creative process. Everything seems to have worked itself out, […]


friday random ten – “bittersweet june” edition

10 Jun

Happy Friday. Not huge amounts planned for the weekend; usual home stuff (laundry, cooking, etc), farming for some anniverary cakes on Marvel Heroes (I’m not ashamed), staying out of Richmond until the Dumpster fire leaves town, and maybe continue some nostalgic meditation watching old Bob Ross Joy of Painting episodes on Netflix. Also, having some […]


#GirlIGuessI’mWithHer, or “now’s the time for pragmatism”

08 Jun

(title references this article, which I found somewhat relevant) AP stories being premature or not, it’s reasonable after yesterday’s primaries to state that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee for President come next month’s Democratic Party convention in Philadelphia. All signals indicate Sanders will bow out gracefully (after grabbing whatever concessions to his not-insignificant constituency […]


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