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friday random ten: “maybe half a trainwreck” edition

29 Jul

If you’d been paying attention to my goings on this week, you probably caught a mixture of hair-tearing stress and affectionate Tim Kaine dad jokes. Work’s been interesting, if non-conclusive lately; the agency re-org is slowly proceeding, and I think I may have an actual idea of where I’m eventually going to land; I’ve always […]



27 Jul

I can’t believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet….If there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say: I may become the first woman president, but one of you is next. Damn straight. I don’t care how you feel about whichever candidate […]


reacting to the news after coming out of a nearly 72-hour migraine induced fog

25 Jul

I indicated briefly on Friday that I had what I thought was a migraine brewing. As I kind of expected, it swung into full-on head pain/fog/hangover without the benefit of alcohol/oh-my-god-i-feel-like-crap-for-days by the end of the workday. It really got going on the drive home, where I had to pull over and vomit half-way through […]


friday random ten: “best of times, worst of times” edition

22 Jul

It’s been a week; it started with a pretty great anniversary date with good food and British “action transvestite” comedy, then swung back and forth between awesome and shitty: damaged cars and insurance claims (boo!), many cancelled meetings (yay!), great band rehearsals (rawk \m/ ) and less than great band rehearsals (meh.), my kid beating […]


trees kinda suck

19 Jul

Last night, after getting back from a pretty great anniversary date (great, inexpensive food at Capital Ale House and a very entertaining couple of sets from Eddie Izzard – the only thing missing was “cake or death”), we had a pretty active storm system run through the neighborhood; lots of thunder, wind, and lightning. This […]



18 Jul

So, my lovely spouse and I have been married for 18 years today. My marriage is old enough to vote. I’ve been taking moments here and there to let that idea sink in. I guess, through all this other stuff, we’ve figured out how to do this marriage thing. It feels strange, but also good*. […]


so this pokemon thing

14 Jul

Since my wife and kid jumped on, I’ve been playing the Pokemon, just like so many other Americans. We’ve been having fun. It’s added a little bit of novelty to my bike rides (and it’s helped me start getting back into the regular bike riding habit, which is good for me), and I’ve met a […]


the gig

11 Jul

So, Dimensional Riffs had our first gig on Saturday night, over at TASTE at Infusion, a neat little restaurant/bar/nightclub nestled in among the warehouses and craft breweries of Scott’s Addition. We played the small room, with a tiny little stage, opening up for Jester’s Ink, the local improv troupe seemingly inextricably melded to every member […]


friday random ten: “hot” edition

08 Jul

It’s Friday. Tradition dictates that I ramble on a bit and then present the unfiltered output of my streaming music service. Not a huge amount to report beyond what I’ve already been blathering about for the last week. The girls are gone most of the weekend for a dance competition. The boy remains gone for […]


praise john independence

06 Jul

So, my long weekend has passed. Um… Wasn’t an awful weekend by any stretch; had some adventures. ’twas cool. Doubleclicks show was a blast. Catherine got to meet some of her musical heroes, which totally made her summer. Friday involved some driving, and band practice. Saturday was our slightly-ahead-of-schedule Independence Day celebration, spending the day […]


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