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friday random eleven – “muggles, money and mucus” edition

30 Sep

This week started with a sick day (that I’m still not over), involved an indirect presidential encounter, and so far, has been ending with a tremendous exercise in self control to not grievously maim a needy co-worker who does not understand that my office does not exist solely to support their particular project by answering […]


another near miss for me

29 Sep

So, yesterday President Obama came to visit my workplace. I totally missed him. The closest I got was waiting a few minutes longer at the gate in the morning, and standing out in the parking lot with the guys from the building next store looking in the general direction of the helipad as Marine One […]


“mister doctor…it’s strange”

28 Sep

Historically, I’ve geeked a bit about my love for Mavel B-listers quite a bit in this space, but if I haven’t mentioned it before, Doctor Strange is one of my absolute favorites. He’s a bit atypical of your given 60s Marvel output, but the weird trippy visuals and psychedelica really made the book stand out […]


friday random eleven: “vuvuzela in the throat” edition

23 Sep

Gonna be honest, I was feeling this most of the week: A second week of having a full house of testers in my building, a sick wife, a dance competition coming up this weekend, a metric assload of meetings and pointless administrative issues, another back to school night, three or four days of straight rain, […]


volatile mood warning

20 Sep

I apologize up front today to anyone caught in the crossfire, but y’all need to know this. I am currently wrecked with stress, anxiety and the afteraffects of insomnia. It’s very likely I’m going to, with roughly equal chances on average with variations based on current conditions on the ground, ignore you, rage at you, […]



19 Sep

Oh, it’s also Talk Like A Pirate Day! I posted this way back (I can’t actually find it), though it was always my favorite TLAP celebratory stunt, courtesy of PlunderAsunder: Ahoy! Four score an’ se’en voyages ago th’ old salts brought fore on these waters, a new crew, free an’ dedicated t’ th’ accord that […]


i may smell a bit of incense and sage…

19 Sep

As mentioned previously, I spent the weekend with The Blibbering Humdingers at the Central NC Pagan Pride Festival at the state fairgrounds in Raleigh. The weather was warm, though we had plenty of shade. The company was likewise warm, though we really didn’t feel the need to shield ourselves from it. I’d never been to […]


friday random eleven – “to all the shows i’ve missed before” edition

16 Sep

So, thanks to an overloaded family schedule and somehow projecting dates into next week, I totally missed the Willie Nelson show I had tickets for last night on the other side of town. I totally had it in my head that the show was on the 20th rather than the 15th. Even if I had […]


revel for the weekend

14 Sep

The other day I mentioned a gig this weekend with the Humdingers, and now I have the details: We’re playing both days of the Central NC Pagan Pride Festival at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. If you’re in the area, come on out, admission each day is a non-perishable donation to the Central and […]


spam folder poetry – back to school edition

13 Sep

Rather than just dumping the spam folder out of hand every couple of weeks, sometimes I like to pore through it and get…creative. The short poems below are taken directly from text included in spam comments; I’ve mixed and matched and assembled, though I haven’t added any words; it’s directly out of the spam pile […]


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