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when you’re having fun, we’re having fun

31 Oct

‘Twas a long weekend, but it was a good one. As detailed previously, I had a pretty full weekend booked, beginning with a trip down to NC on Friday for the gig at HonorCon. Traffic, thanks to construction, accidents, and certain late-model Dodge Chargers and Subaru WRX STIs driving like assholes down I-85 (you know […]


thursday/friday random eleven: “burning the use or lose” edition

27 Oct

Okay, sure, it’s Thursday. I’m doing the random tunes thing a day early. It’s my life and my blog. Sue me. In any case, the reason I’m doing it early is that I’m taking a day off tomorrow and don’t really plan to be on the computer all that much. As I have enough service […]


you mean you’re going to teach me how to have the real power?

25 Oct

Odds are, at some point in your life, you found a strange little comic in a rest stop restroom, wedged into a crevice on a rural gas pump, or amongst the fun-sized candy bars in your trick-or-treat bag. These comics included kitschy and campy art decrying the evils of rock music, role playing games, or […]


very little happened this weekend

24 Oct

The girls danced the Celtic Festival and I did my dance dad thing. I made a pretty good vegetarian shepherd’s pie. I cleaned the fish tank and watched a couple of movies. Pretty typical for a low-key weekend. I’m okay with that. The week ahead? Nothing special. Four days’ work (I’m taking a long weekend), […]


friday random eleven – “lexicographic circular” edition

21 Oct

So, this week has been…this week. Life’s been life, work’s been work. I’ve spent most of my time at the office tying up loose ends and documentation from last week’s dog and pony show in Northern Virginia, and most of my time at home sleeping off migraine-like symptoms that I thought were actually allergies (my […]


saucer full of secrets

18 Oct

Beyond the “ooga chaka” in the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, Marvel’s never really made the move to tease its movie music before. Normally, MCU scores are kind of anonymous background noise, and on the whole pretty forgettable other than perhaps the overall Marvel Studios Fanfare they use during the studio tag. The piece […]


wisdom of the commentariat

18 Oct

…courtesy of somebody named thebump on adequate man: I’m almost forty, and from what I can tell so far life is essentially just an endless series of moments where you realize “I was really fucking stupid five years ago.” ayup.


scenes from a weekend

17 Oct

so we did some things.


friday random eleven – “dog and pony shows” edition

14 Oct

Even with the day off at the beginning, this week has felt longer than usual. This probably had to do with the fourteen hour day I put in yesterday, trekking up to the DC metro for a multi-agency dog-and-pony show where I had to play ringmaster for a large part of the day. The meeting […]


autumn has grabbed us by the….

11 Oct

Here’s a kind of disjointed “state of Chuck’s life” post. Enjoy. It’s always tough to come back to work after a long weekend, especially when I have to look forward to a giant dog-and-pony show (where I get to spend the majority of the time as ringmaster) up in Northern Virginia later this week. That’ll […]


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