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friday thursday random eleven – “end of days” edition

15 Dec

Here it is. My last day of work for 2016. It’s been a heck of a year, all around, and my work life really isn’t an exception. I’ve taken on more responsibility, which involves lots of dog and pony show meetings and briefings to important people (even if those briefings aren’t so much about defending […]


my weekend

13 Dec

…and a good time was had by all.


he is risen

13 Dec

Yes, I know it’s the wrong end of the solar year for that title; bear with me… I’m pretty sure I hadn’t mentioned it here previously, but after returning to work after a short Thanksgiving break, I discovered that one of the two furnaces in my building had failed; once the maintenance guys did some […]


friday random eleven – “puffing the pectoral region” edition

09 Dec

I will freely admit that I’m especially prone to clockwatching right now, and I don’t see it really improving any for the next couple of days. It’s been a rough week/month/year, and I’m within spitting distance of the end of my working time for 2016. This is the time of year, when (due to the […]


Fantastic Beasts – thoughts

06 Dec

When I left work on Monday, I wasn’t expecting to go out to a movie, though given that I’ve got a couple of sick (for varying definitions of sick) teenagers, and a bouncing nine-year old who was bothering them, after knocking out out a one-take bass line for a related demo track* for the Humdingers, […]


eh, monday

05 Dec

As I look at my calendar, it’s eight point something business days and counting until my work year is ended. I’m going to try to not do a daily countdown; that would get tedious. That said, as mentioned on Friday, I have a handful of basic tasks to supervise the accomplishment of, and I’ve already […]


friday random eleven: “busted mental transmission” edition

02 Dec

So, the week after Thanksgiving break, a break that included a bunch of dance-y stuff (along with some interesting-to-watch drama in there), and just enough time to disengage from things that jumping back in for the last three weeks of my work year took a little bit of time to normalize. I did some good […]


to give you an idea of my day

01 Dec

I’ve got meetings straight through from 10am to 2pm today. Who needs lunch anyway? At least they’re all on the phone so I can make appropriate obscene hand gestures. It’s been a joy thus far. So far, the highlight was when my VOIP phone system rebooted while I was briefing one of the most powerful […]


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