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friday random eleven: “music therapy” edition

31 Mar

Again, been a long week with lots of uncertainty and work weirdness, though some of this explained by the apparent presence of my position predecessor/nemesis back in the mix, who is always good for trying to work around procedures and throwing people under the bus to get ahead. Damn. Anyway, that’s in the past, or […]


one more from church hill this weekend

29 Mar

Pope Francis is watching you drink beer before noon on Sunday morning. It kinda looks like he approves.


i just need an answer

28 Mar

As much as I hate talking about work in this space (this is, in my mind, isn’t really the place except in generalities, though I end up doing it quite a bit), a lot of stuff from the office side of my life is really weighing me down lately. Regular readers will remember that I’ve […]


weekend – not nearly long enough

27 Mar

So, Friday night we did go to The Fountain and hung out with John Scalzi for a couple of hours. Nice crowd in the tiny, awesome store, including our friends Chris and Melissa in from Norfolk. Scalzi read a bunch of cool stuff (including a chapter from the forthcoming sequel to the very good Lock […]


friday random eleven: “very parenthetical” edition

24 Mar

Not gonna belabor the point. My schedule again this week has been wrecked, largely with a bunch of big important stuff coming up at work at literally the last minute (though that stuff worked out, for the most part, pretty well – important people said very nice things about me in front of my boss, […]


THE DUCK is coming for you…

24 Mar

I just thought you should know.


making things, reviewing things

20 Mar

Hanging in there. It’s the monday after the sunday after the saturday immediatlely following the actual calendar date of St. Patrick’s Day, which is really stretching the joke, but with a family of Irish dancers, it’s the life. We (I say we because I always roadie these things) had one performance on Friday night at […]


friday random eleven: “Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!” edition

17 Mar

Greetings, everyone on this St. Patrick’s Day! I’m writing to you from the other side of a seemingly long (though actually kind of short) week. Not so much at work, though that’s had it’s own drama (it’s not every day the CIO of an organization gets shown the door seemingly without warning mid-week – I’m […]


weekend positivity round-up

13 Mar

You might have noticed there wasn’t a regular report on Friday. That’s fine; I was just off the internet, which is something you have to do now and then. My weekend was actually pretty decent; I got stuff taken care of on Friday (including getting the eldest a pretty awesome prom dress for almost nothing), […]


project positivity: thursday

09 Mar

Today wasn’t altogether bad either, at least so far (and as it’s past six and my dinner is cooking, I’m calling it a day). The fact that I made today my Friday helped a bit. I had a productive work session with my team at the office, wrapped up all my paperwork, answered a few […]


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