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“Live in the Boudoir” goes live for download!

30 Apr

Fresh off our successful run of shows at this year’s Ravencon, Dimensional Riffs’ debut release, Live in the Boudoir has hit the internet for digital download! It’s not the limited edition, artisanally-burned CD, but it’s the same content, only in electrons, and still only FIVE BUCKS(!) if you buy it as a package. That’s a […]


thursday random eleven – “because I won’t be here friday” edition

27 Apr

Hey folks, as evidenced below, since I’m taking a couple of days off to prepare for and recover from Ravencon (and also, because I deserve it), I probably won’t be in this space much, so why not throw up a playlist today while I’m going through my emails and sorting out the day? I’ve already […]


ravencon this weekend

26 Apr

Hey folks, just a quick reminder that I’ll be at Ravencon in Williamsburg this weekend with Dimensional Riffs, in our official con debut. Yes, this band played a couple of bar gigs this summer with a different line-up, but this is the first big show for this particular version of the band, and I think […]


fast, furious, ridiculous

24 Apr

Last week, I got an insanely good deal on the blu-ray box set of the Fast and the Furious series; seven films with a space included to add the eighth film (currently in theaters) down the road. it also has a light up dashboard on the cover, for some unfathomable reason. Go ahead and laugh; […]


not this shit again

24 Apr

I had a pretty decent weekend. The kid totally rocked the prom with her vintage dress, the post-prom “event” at my place didn’t result in the teens trashing my house (thanks kids), my favorite farmer was at the farmers’ market on Saturday morning to sell me some awesome produce, I had a successful practice session […]


friday random eleven twelve: “scattered data points” edition

21 Apr

Happy Friday, everybody. And, it’s been mostly happy this week. I’ve made incremental progress in a couple of areas at work (though I have a quarterly dog and pony show in DC next week I’m not thrilled about), I tracked a *lot* of parts for the new Blibbering Humdingers project in my evenings, hit level […]


happy discount candy day, spring edition

17 Apr

it’s monday. yep. I’m still feeling pretty okay; all told. It’s refreshing, but kind of weird, to be operating without significant anxiety. Life hasn’t changed, at all, really, though dealing with it’s got much easier; I recognize the problems, but they don’t weigh on my so heavily. I’m eating less, sleeping better, and, all, is, […]


friday random eleven: “feeling good enough to wax philosophical about my place in the ensemble” edition

14 Apr

it’s Friday, which is nice. Actually the outlook around these parts is not awful. Thanks to the nice weather, and let’s face it, the the dosage adjustments from the doc, I’ve been feeling a lot better; it’s not that the world or work or anything has gotten less uncertain or threatening – that’s about the […]


talking weekends through the fourth dimension

12 Apr

My weekend finally ended last evening. I took a couple of days off to support a couple of commitments and to maybe, sort of, get a little bit of rest here in the early spring. That last bit didn’t quite work, but I got stuff done. The big event was the trip to Sweet Briar […]


this is gonna be great

10 Apr

…it may even Ragna-Rock! (I’m sorry). Here’s the teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok: It’s not like the other Thor movies, and that’s okay. This one, in large part, I think due to director Taikia Waititi (seriously, go see What We Do In The Shadows to get a sense of his sensibility – it’s on amazon […]


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