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09 Dec

I downloaded Google chrome beta for linux operating systems last night. I played with it a little bit; it’s really slick and pretty, and generally does the job of lightweight web browser really well, except it seems to choke on any object rendered in Flash. That fact itself is reasonably annoying, but the frowny face flash fail icon in strangely cute:

cute, but kind of morbid

I’m not quite ready to abandon Firefox just yet, but it’s nice to have another tool in the box. And, given that this is just a beta release, it’ll get better quickly; the folks at Google are good like that.


On a tangentially related note, last night I dreamed that I had gotten an iPhone. I have no idea why; I suppose it’s a portent about mobile phone upgrade time coming around next month. I certainly don’t expect to upgrade to a smartphone; I don’t really have the need. Also, I wouldn’t be getting iPhone in any case. Not that they’re not really neat, it’s just that I’m terribly happy with my current provider, t-mobile, and they don’t deal in them (though they do have some pretty neat Android-based phones). The weird thing is, even in my dream, my personal realm of fantasy, as much as I loved the new gadget (it was really cool, especially my fantasy model), I was complainng to everyone about the AT&T service contract it came with.

Damn, I can’t even separate fantasy from reality in a frikkin’ dream.


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