snowed in by false advertising

21 Dec

Lots snow, at least for Virginia, this weekend. No worries, really, given some last minute scheduling changes, we didn’t have to be anywhere. This was fine since a couple of us were kind of sidelined with nagging colds.

Much sledding and driveway shovelling was done, many fresh-baked cookies and bowls of homemade chicken corn soup were consumed. Also, several imaginary goblins and zombies were slain in the bowels of Shadowfell Keep, and many movies were watched.

Speaking of movies, after watching Ong Bak the other week, I’ve been trying to track down other Tony Jaa movies, because frankly, that guy is, well, awesome covered in awesome-infused gravy. So, this weekend, I dug into the Netflix instant pile and found The Bodyguard, which is not that Kevin Costner-Whitney Houston slop, but rather an action-comedy film from Thailand, allegedly starring Mr. Jaa.

The film was fun, of course, but Tony Jaa’s appearance was a tiny little cameo about 20 seconds long. Granted, it was a kick-ass 20 seconds packed with nigh-superhuman Muay-Thai action, but it was still only only twenty seconds, despite his big billing on the poster.


Oh well; I guess I’ll have to wait for Ong Bak 2 to show up.


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