reflecting and winding down

23 Dec

Today, Dear Reader, I wrap up the work-a-day portion of 2009; this afternoon, I begin my well-deserved restful slide into the next arbitrarily defined trip around the sun. That said, I’m probably going to have mostly limited contact with the internet, execept for when the toddler starts bugging me to look at cute pictures of cats and other animals. I plan to spend a week or so decompressing from the year, hanging out with the wife and kids, and enjoying some (relative) peace and quiet playing with some Christmas toys before things start up again in January.

To wrap up 2009…not my favorite year, but probably an important one in the scheme of things. Personally, I learned some things, good and bad, but am glad I learned them all the same. I’ve tried some new things, and fostered some new interests. I’ve had some failures, but quite a few successes. A few projects continue without resolution, but I continue to have hope for success.

I saw some neat things, lost some very important things, met and talked to a few people I’ve long admired, and spent a good bit of time in the company of like-minded folks in pursuit of common interests. I’ve contributed to some important projects, at least to the point that if they ultimately fail, it’s won’t be because I didn’t do my part.

My number of books read looks like it’ll come up a little short of last year, but since I also took a successful stab at writing one (at least the first draft of one), I’m willing to let that slide.

So, it’s been a year…I’m not going to be sorry to see it go, all told, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. But, I’m ready to see what the next one has in store. So, I say, bring on 2010.

In any case, Happy Holidays to any within sight of these pixels; I hope you get what you need out of the season.


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