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16 Feb

Among other things* this weekend, we took a trip (at my son’s urging) to the Science Museum of Virginia, which is twenty minutes from my driveway (and has been as long as I’ve lived here), but I’d never managed to visit before.

It was a nice day out for the family; we played with a bunch of hands-on physics experiments, watched a planetarium show and an IMAX movie about sturgeon, tested our neurological reaction time, and most importantly, watched some trained rats play baseketball.

Even if there were a couple of technical difficulties with some of the electronic exhibits, we still had a good time.

Also, we got to ride a Segway personal transport, and none of us fell off. My offspring showed greater skill than I, largely through their posession of a lower center of gravity.


* – “other things” included a father-daughter activity with the firstborn, which involved lots of Karaoke (during which my daughter’s song choices impressed me greatly), a few silly dances, the loss of a banana in a chocolate fountain, and entirely too much Taylor Swift for either of our tastes.

I also had my hand scratched up by a kitten, and spent way too damned money much on a new dishwasher. At least it’s a nice one.


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