fresh, clean, fast, and missing one or two things

02 Apr

I spent the evening on phase one of my campaign to make a few cheap tweaks to the laptop so I can keep it going another couple of years, dropping in a new, huge hard drive, installing Ubuntu 10.4 beta 1, and re-loading all my important old data (cheap usb hard drive enclosures are a great invention).

All is pretty much well, except in my haste, lost a couple of weeks’ worth of old email, which, in the scheme of things isn’t really much of a crisis; most of what I get isn’t particularly critical. However, I get a lot of it, and may have missed something important that, thanks to my ineptitude or whatever, I’m not going to be able to dig out again, as it’s gone, vaporized in a cloud of fsck.

So, I put this out here – if anyone’s sent me anything in the last six weeks or so that they think is important that hasn’t been satisfactory resolved, go ahead and send it again, ‘kay?

As for my impressions of “Lucid Lynx”, even in not-quite-ready-for-release beta, it’s fast, seriously, boot-up and connected to wifi in less than 30 seconds. That’s impressive. It’s also really, really pretty. the only problem is the min/max/close buttons being on the left side, which is going to take some getting used to. But, if that’s the only problem, I’ll deal (or, if it gets too annoying, I’ll tweak some code in the UI and move them).

Now, to wait for the RAM to arrive…


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