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24 Oct

Not much to report this weekend, to be honest. It was, barring a few exceptions, both brief and disconcertingly chronic (which I’m not ready to go into, even obliquely), quiet and relatively stress-free.

I spent a bit of the early part of the weekend running one particular kid to and from school activities, and handled a little shopping and housekeeping on Friday. Sadly, wasn’t feeling all that well on Saturday. Spent a lot of time resting and trying to shake the last remnants of the throat/sinus/chest crud that’s been affecting me and quite a large number of friends and acquaintances these last couple of weeks.

I did half-a-dozen loads of laundry, baked some potatoes, played a little Red Dead Redemption and watched a bit of television. Among other things, I watched the first disc of the BBC’s Being Human, which I can recommend as a lot of fun with some engaging characters, if you can handle occasional bouts of TV-rated gore. Also on the docket was Kevin Smith’s legendary Red State, a film which has a potentially more interesting off-screen story than on. Still, I quite liked it – a bit of a departure from most of the Smith ouvre, and some nice character work from John Goodman.

Hoping this week turns out better…I can see the end of this year’s gruelling travel schedule if I squint at the horizon just right (something like four weeks left, if our early calculations stay true, and the project doesn’t crap the bed and everybody’s leave gets cancelled and the bosses ruin the holidays for everyone (not that I expect that to happen).

And I just learned that this exists, and I expect that it’s probably awesome: Much Ado About Nothing, A film by Joss Whedon based on a play. The existence of this project will probably make for some interesting conversation at this weekend’s Halloween parties.


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