dirty neon

02 Jun

I spent all last week breathing in drywall dust thanks to construction at the office. Thus, I spent most of the weekend sacked out on the couch watching campy 80s movies and cracking the new Dresden (very good so far…you should read it).

I’m required to do some actual work this week (both for the day job and for Antimatter*), plus I have to learn a couple of country songs for the weekend.

I hope my lungs can handle it.


*- I’ve mentioned this before, right? I didn’t? Sorry. Anyway – Antimatter Press is a small e-press run by some friends of mine who recently brought me into the fold to help create neat things for all you folks to read on your newfangled e-readers. We have many interesting things in the pipeline that I’ll talk about here as they come up, but right now, I’m having a good time learning about my place in the machine (including learning the mechanics of turning manuscripts into something that looks pleasing on your device), and getting really excited about the cool stuff we’re working on, including Unseaming, the new short story collection from Mike Allen, which you can read about on the antimatter site. Check out that cover art! It’s amazing, as are the stories within. Be ready with your wallets when this thing hits in October!


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