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24 Apr

I had a pretty decent weekend. The kid totally rocked the prom with her vintage dress, the post-prom “event” at my place didn’t result in the teens trashing my house (thanks kids), my favorite farmer was at the farmers’ market on Saturday morning to sell me some awesome produce, I had a successful practice session with Dimensional Riffs ahead of our gig next weekend, and the new Humdingers tunes we’re working on sound amazing.

And this week’s a short one (I’m taking a long weekend to prepare for and recover from the ‘con), though it’ll probably still pass 40 hours given the canine-and-equine exhibition I have to run on Tuesday and all the driving involved there, although it’s pretty quiet otherwise, so I might actually get some work done instead of sitting in meetings.

Of course, while pulling out of the driveway this morning, I hear the dulcet tones of Rachel Martin and Steve Inskeep talking, once again, about averting a government shutdown one more time because Congress has to pass the funding bill by the end of the week or they lock the doors on the federal government…again.

I understand the media, even the nice folks at NPR, like to talk about this because it’s drama on a deadline, even though for the most part, this stuff is routine (although why we don’t just write the rules so there’s an automatic continuation I’ll never understand), or should be. But this time, we’re talking about adding provisions to fund that stupid wall business, and that seems like a hill that the President might actually be willing to figuratively die on, and the folks on the left opposing it just might not be able to resist the symbolism of having the government shut down on the 100th day of his Presidency.

Either way, I’m left holding the bag, wondering if I’m going to be working (or getting paid) next week. The Feds, are, of course, making preparations for the “unlikely” event; which, even if they are just statutory (after this happened in 2013, the law says they have to make basic preparations if it comes this close), part of me still worries a bit.

So, in any case, I’ll keep my eyes on it, and hope for the best.


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