back in the saddle

23 May

So Tuesday I return to work after a nice, self-imposed long weekend. I generally feel mostly rested and refreshed, kinda. I have another couple of long weekends coming up as well (Memorial Day, and ConCarolinas), though this one was just for me, because.

I accomplished a few, small things – had a couple of very nice bike rides (totalling almost 40 miles) before the weather went to crap, admired lots of wildlife on the trail (snakes, turtles, squirrels, woodpeckers, doves, deer, groundhogs, and all kinds of birds), though I did end up running over a squirrel’s tail with the bike yesterday morning (poor thing did a weird direction changing juke after I swerved to dodge him)…I hope he’s okay. Seriously, I’ve spent more time thinking about this small interaction than I probably should have. I feel like my karma’s out of balance. Oh well.

Otherwise, I spent a lot of time with the dance folks and Jamie and Chris from Fusion Fighters working on the #createnothate project video (I carried some things, drove the car, and did some work fixing the studio’s sound system anyway…). The girls had a blast working with these guys this week, and Mary in particular will miss her older English boyfriends when they go back to the UK later this week.

Otherwise, I worked some new tunes with Dimensional Riffs, did a bunch of laundry, got some great stuff at the farmers market, and washed, waxed, and (mostly) detailed my car, which was way overdue, and the result makes me unreasonably happy (my spouse and children just don’t understand…).

This week, it’s back to the grind; at the office, I’ll keeping my work projects rolling, continue the ongoing professional certification online training I’m taking, and generally living the public sector project manager life. Outside of work, it’s the usual maintain a house/practice music/entertain kids and cats routine, and keep the weight loss project rolling – I’m down almost 25 pounds from where I was at my worst, and am within ten pounds of the first big goal of dropping 10% of my total body weight as measured in mid-April. Progress is slowing (I think I’ve dumped the “easy” stuff now), but it’s still steady, and my trend lines still have me hitting that goal by the end of this month. That feels good.


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