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01 Jun

So, this weekend is ConCarolinas, a con in Charlotte, NC I’ve done the last couple of years with The Humdingers, which has always been a pretty good time; usually a bunch of our musical friends are there, and we get up to all sorts of mischief (usually the good kind). This year is no exception, there are almost a dozen musical acts on this year’s schedule, including great folks like Mikey Mason, Valentine Wolfe, Hawthorn and Holly, Nick Edelstein, Gray Rinehart, Metricula, Gild the Morn, Aurelio Voltaire, and several folks I’m probably missing, as well as two groups I’m performing with, the aforementioned Blibbering Humdingers and Dimensional Riffs.

I’m going to be busy, but I think it’s a good busy. in case you happen to be around, here are the events I’m scheduled to be involved in:

Dimensional Riffs:

  • Friday, June 2, 6:30pm – Lakeshore III/IV
  • Saturday, June 3, 3:30pm – Fountainview

Blibbering Humdingers:

  • Saturday, June 3, 1:30pm – Fountainview
  • Sunday, June 4, 10:00am – Lakeshore III/IV

Assorted Other stuff:

  • Campfire Songs: Friday, June 2, 11:00pm – Walden – filk circle
  • The Potterverse is Alive and Well: Saturday, June 3, 12:00pm – Lakeshore II – panel I think I’m on
  • Filking the Night Away: Saturday, June 3, 10:00pm – Walden – filk circle

Otherwise, I’ll be bumming around the con, probably mostly around the musician’s merch tables (where we’ll probably end up in some impromptu hallway performances that Mikey will turn into a hit single – he does that kind of thing with alarming regularity) or trying to see some of the other great acts listed above play. It’s always possible I get pulled into someone else’s show too – it happens.

I’m really looking forward to it, and am very happy to have the Monday after the con scheduled off for recovery after all this damned performing. I’ll have earned it.


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