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19 Jun

‘Twas a pretty busy weekend, overall.

While work has kind of settled into a new routine now that development on our piece of the larger project is in full swing, my two contractors (responsible for different parts of the process) are kind of at odds (this rivalry pre-dates my involvement, but it’s currently my problem), with little bits of sniping and calls to me from both sides complaining about something the other one did. It’s really annoying; we should all be better. I ended up having to put my foot down and tell them all to grow up on Friday afternoon (in a pretty professional and eloquent manner, if I do say so myself), though I suspect this business isn’t totally over.

Friday afternoon involved a doctor’s appointment, checking in on the weight loss program, and my doctor was very impressed and happy with my progress. We talked a bit about ultimate goals, and it turns out she and I are on the same page, and all is well. Friday night was nice as well, getting out of the house with the family to grab a meal out and catch a screening of Wonder Woman, which I recommend you all go see if you haven’t, because it’s really good. Unlike the rest of the current crop of DC movies, WW manages to balance the tone much better; a WWI movie, by virtue of the setting, is going to be drab and a little dark, but you get a nice contrast between that and the bright paradise of Themyscira in terms of visuals, and the characters get to actually be people, finding pleasure and humor in life, despite the dark situation they find themselves in. Gal Gadot is a joy; a great Wonder Woman who embodies both the warrior and the peacemaker – the strength and compassion that are both core elements of the character.

Saturday, as indicated earlier, was Awesome-Con in DC, where Dimensional Riffs had a panel/short performance in the afternoon. This con, being largely an autograph hunter thing with a big exhibition hall/dealers room, focused less on our kind of thing; and was frustrating for me in terms of organization and some of it’s growing pains (it’s only four years old, and has gotten *really* large); things like crowd management and layout were less than optimal, and a lot of the attendees don’t necessarily understand con etiquite (this introvert would characterize the exhibition hall as “agressively unpleasant”). Several of us who are in this community had a nice discussion about it on FriendFace this weekend, both the strengths and weaknesses. That said, the volunteers and staff I dealt with were pretty accommodating and pleasant, I got to see a bunch of dear friends I haven’t seen in a while, and our panel went pretty well, sparked some nice discussion with folks in attendance, and driving some online music sales, which is always nice. I’m still not sure if I’m interested in returning in the same capacity next year, but we’ll see how it goes.

Sunday, being Father’s Day, was rather pleasant. The kids did a good job making the holiday pretty cool. Cards, gifts (a pretty awesome understated hawaiian shirt!), and a nice meal, including my favorite dessert, apple pie. I felt like I’d gone off my diet requirements a little bit, but I also was not going to pass up apple pie (in a nice turn of events, my weigh-in Monday morning showed me dropping again after being plateued for a couple of days – it’s a Father’s Day Miracle!).

I’ll take it.


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