friday random eleven: “really feels like saturday” edition

11 Aug

I spent so much of this week feeling under the weather, I locking down what day it was has been tough. I was out Tuesday(?) on sick leave – feverish, chills, all that good stuff. I slept for 19 hours. Guess I needed it. And, it saved me from thinking too hard about all the saber-rattling on the world stage, so I guess there’s that.

I woke up this morning convinced it was Saturday – I was initially pissed at myself for setting an alarm, then realized it was Friday morning, and had my dreams crushed. What a way to start the day.

As I said, I haven’t done much besides work and sleep this week (and play about an hour of Witcher III and watch Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later on Netflix). I did read some, finishing a couple of books in between bouts of sleep. Some good stuff. I talked with the bike shop folks, who’ve tuned up the bike, but advised me of some worn parts which’ll give me problems eventually, so I had them replace those as well – with the way I’m feeling (better that earlier, but still sinus-blocked and the occasional chill), I’m likely not going to be riding until tomorrow or Sunday at the earliest. Might as well get it all done at one time. It’s long overdue maintenance; I expect it’ll feel like a new machine when I finally do get it back today or tomorrow.

For the weekend, we’re getting together with friends for dinner tonight, and I’m running D&D for the grad students Saturday afternoon. I’m toying with the idea of taking the eldest out to see Atomic Blonde, which she’s been talking about (she doesn’t know about this yet – we’ll see if she notices this post…); one last hurrah before sending her off to college a week from today.

That, along with the aches and pains, really makes me feel old – I have a kid in college now.

Anyway, here’s some music. Something old, something new wave:

  1. “Crying Shame” – 7 Year Bitch
  2. “Dupree’s Paradise (live)” – Frank Zappa
  3. “Do You Wanna Hit It” – The Donnas
  4. “Under Pressure” – Queen w. David Bowie
  5. “Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second” – STRFKR
  6. “The Power of Love” – Huey Lewis and the News
  7. “Magnet” – Bikini Kill
  8. “Drive” – The Cars
  9. “Down Under” – Men at Work
  10. “A Million Miles Away” – The Plimsouls
  11. “I Melt With You” – Modern English

In Eleven/Stranger Things news, apparently Spirit Halloween has a line of licensed costumes from the show this year. Go ahead, let your inner Barb out…demand JUSTICE!


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