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26 Sep

Late last week, there was a bit of a bug running through the house. This happens the beginning of every school year; just the way it is.

It hit me Friday afternoon, and left me sidelined most of the weekend. Chills, fever, aches, all the good stuff. I had to bow out of the D&D game, didn’t do much at all but watch movies (including old standbys “Bring it On” and “Real Genius”, so you know it was serious) and crash on the couch.

I didn’t love it.

I did manage to get the grocery shopping done and ended up making some comfort food: chicken and waffles, the Pennsylvania-Dutch-by-way-of-80s-school-cafeteria kind, not that southern abomination. It was good, and since it involved the crock pot, very little work for my sick-ass self.

It was so bad that I ended up calling in sick on Monday, which I definitely needed. More movies were watched, more couch and bed time logged. I’m trying to get back into life again today, because I can only be absent so long before end of fiscal year bullshirt gets too much to handle (damn forking lawyers…seriously). I seriously can’t wait until next week when this is all over.

Of course, next week I’m taking a class, instead of being in the office. Except, it’s a virtual class, which means I’ll be at my office desk anyway, just trying to ignore the work world while hanging on conference calls for four-and-a-half days. Like that’s gonna work.

Oh well.

A final tribute to my weekend status, as THEE Bruce Dickinson says at 4:12:

…if only it were that simple.


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