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03 Oct

Yeah, it’s pretty quiet on this end of things. After a completely ridiculous end-of-fiscal-year adventure (which I’m not sure is over yet), I’m taking a class this week for the certification I’m supposed to have in this job. Unlike all the automated self-paced classes I’ve taken, this one’s “live”, but it’s still online, but not the kind of online course I loved during the course of grad school. It’s the kind of thing I’d rather actually have in a classroom – I’m on the phone all day, working exercises with a group of classmates, which isn’t all that bad, except the thing runs on central time, which means I’m on the line 9-530 local time or so all week, but in order to get all the other stuff done I have to get done, I’m going in at my usual 6am to put out fires (still a few small brush fires to deal with), make an attempt to get my year-end self-assessment in the new HR system upon which depends whether my salary goes up any or not (which would be nice, but this is exactly the wrong week to spring that on me), and ideally get the (thankfully limited) out-of-class work knocked out.

Suffice it to say, it’s Tuesday evening, and I’ve got twenty-three hours on the books already.

It all boils down to an exam (conducted online) being held at some point on Friday, though I don’t know when yet (though with this central time zone crap it’ll probably be way later than I’d like), and that’s a stressor, because I’m due on stage with the Humdingers at 7pm on Friday night in Chestertown, MD, which on a good day is three and a half hours away (gotta go up to go down – it’s on the peninsula), though in my case, however the trip gets made, there’s Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend DC between me and my rock star lifestyle.

You can see how this bugs me.

Oh well….I managed to catch a MewTwo last weekend, so there was that.


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