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10 Oct

I look very very serious here for some reason

So, after nailing my exam (100%!) in record time on Friday afternoon, I hit the road for Chestertown, MD for the HP fest over the weekend, arriving with plenty time time to go on stage, in part because the opening festivities were running a bit late. Our show Friday night (pictured above) went pretty well, we got everybody dancing, which is generally the idea.

Saturday’s vending and park show went pretty well, although it was hot and we were doing a lot of shifting our seats around to maintain our shaded positions. We sold some things, talked to folks, and generally played a nice little show with more people watching by the end than at the beginning. Cool.

Saturday night’s show (back at the Garfield Theater where we played Friday – a really nice room) was, from my perspective, a big mixed. I’d put the first twenty minutes of that show up against any show we’ve ever played, but somewhere after that, we lost the crowd and never quite got them back. We were opening for the trivia contest, which is honestly what most folks were there for, so it was a tougher room (I also kind of blame my situation the previous two weeks not allowing for enough rehearsal, but who knows…).

The trip home was much more relaxed than the way out, which was nice (no pressure for time).

Otherwise, ’twas nice to hang out with friends, old and new. Also of special interest was that I finally, after schedules conspired to years of missed connections, finally got to meet Brian from Draco and the Malfoys, who’s a pretty cool guy I look forward to talking and hanging with in the future.

Sunday afternoon and Monday were nice – got some stuff done (bills paid, groceries shopped), and had a nice day off (save a doctor’s appointment) on Monday (Columbus Day observed) to hang with my spouse a bit.

This week, it’s back to the grind, though I have a couple of musical things to hash out and some basic life stuff to do. I think I’ll live. I still think I need a bit of a vacation after the last couple of weeks.


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