now the year is really winding down

05 Dec

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, the year doesn’t really feel like it’s coming to an end until I see a certain feature on a certain web site. Well, I’m feeling it. As such, I share with you, as I do most years, The A.V. Club’s Year in Band Names feature; a collection of all the interesting, clever, or strange bands/demos/whatever that the AV Club music editors have cross their desks over the course of the calendar year – it’s an interesting look into the world of indie music (which, as I wasn’t when I started following this piece years ago, a part of) and the trends and patterns found therein.

2017 included lots of good ones. In no particular order, here are the top ten that jumped out at me as I digested this year’s collection:

  • Necrolytic Goat Converter
  • Hold On, Caufield
  • Terra And The Dactyls
  • Insignificant Other
  • Tyrannosorceress
  • Mayya And The Revolutionary Hell Yeah!
  • Diarrhea Sprinkles
  • Top Nachos
  • The Washboard Abs
  • Republican Hair

As well this year, I figured I’d share a couple of other multimedia highlights apart from the cool names, as it’s gotten so much easier to share media than it was years ago when they first started this annual piece. To wit:

Anyway, it felt wrong not to share the joy.


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