2017 by the numbers

31 Dec

I’ll be honest, this year wasn’t completely awesome – there was a low-level (occasionally spiking to high level) stress and anxiety thing going on all year because of a less than ideal work situation, that’s still less than ideal, but like I told my boss, I’m giving it another year to sort itself out before I start looking for a lifeline – there’s a lot of changes coming up with the organization, and it’s either going to get better, or it’s going to go even further to shit than it already is, and a year from now, we’ll know which way the sewer lines are flowing.

That said, there were some completely awesome things that happened outside of that wheelhouse, which is what I’m going to try to focus on. I put in a kid in college, where she’s kicking all kinds of ass. I played a bunch of really awesome shows with two different groups, put out two small records with those groups; Dimensional Riffs’ Live in the Boudoir and the pre-release EP edition of Fantastic Geeks and Where to Find Them with The Blibbering Humdingers, and we’ve just announced that we’re releasing the full-length CD at Marscon!. We are all really proud of this one.

The other big number is 75. That’s the number of pounds I lost this year, thanks to tons of exercise, better diet, and some pharmaceutical assistance. I’ve kept it off for a good solid six months now too. That’s something to be proud of.

Anyway, some other numbers:

  • books read: 67
  • miles biked: 1167
  • shows I played: I don’t remember at all, but it was a bunch
  • cons attended: something like a dozen, it was a lot
  • kids graduated sucessfully from high school: 1
  • pounds lost: 75
  • inches lost from waist: 8
  • new pants purchased that don’t fall down: 4
  • solutions implemented to make my split-level fish tank plant racks work: 3
  • Irish dance classes attended: 11
  • ceilis learned: 5
  • the number of those ceilis I can remember by name: maybe one?
  • Dance dad sound emergencies solved: a few
  • national parks visited: 5
  • current Pokemon Go level: 34
  • average liters of water consumed per day: 4
  • number of D&D players killed: 1
  • number of players who have run the cleric in the group: 3
  • number of times I totally failed to recognize awesome celebrity Alex Kingston when she came to the merch table: 1

Not a terrible year overall. I’ll take it.


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    Roni Says:

    I am SO impressed with you, Chuck!! Fantastic year for you, personally, and the professional side ain’t on you. Way to go!!

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