friday random eleven: “alara, wanna open this jar of pickles for me?” edition

05 Jan

After yesterday’s aborted attempt, I made it into the office this morning (after a two hour delayed opening, which I obsessively checked on six or seven times as I got ready), cracking the seal on that metaphorical jar of pickles. Roads weren’t bad, though my parking lot, as I expected, wasn’t plowed, and there was a six or eight inch snow drift against the door to my test lab building. They’d cleared a small area alongside the road that runs between the lot and me, so I parked there with a note in the window to hit the buzzer and get me if they need the car moved. Due dilligence achieved.

Being Friday, very little happening other than a couple of calls with my teams to catch up on the latest happenings (which, included no serious crises, and one decent little win, though not, apparently, the one I’d like to have gotten), so it was clear the detritus, check to make sure the building survived (the only issue was somebody closing the rest room doors before they left, and given the lack of heating registers in there, it was effing cold this morning), get out for the weekend.

I will say that yesterday’s schedule disruption totally blew my plan for the day, and being a creature of habit, I kind of just wandered and puttered generally, I think, got on my wife’s nerves – she told me she truly hoped I made it into the office Friday because I was becoming difficult to be around, which I totally understand. My apologies, my dear.

I eventually settled down and watching a few more episodes of The Orville, which comes courtesy of the Hulu subscription I set up recently (mostly to watch Marvel’s Runaways, which is a Hulu original), and we are really enjoying around the household. It was kind of savaged by critics, but enough friends of mine have said good things that I gave it a shot, and was delighted to find a generally well put-together, heartfelt, affectionate, and slightly profane love letter to Star Trek: The Next Generation. If that’s your jam, and you haven’t checked it out, give it a shot.

Reaching back to my more cerebral or maybe navel-gazing post from the other day, I am still working on the intentionality I talked about. In that spirit, I’ve set myself up a reminder, making use of a $1.78 piece of amusement I grabbed the other day from the Target clearance shelf, which currently holds a place of high visibility in my workspace:

We’ll see if it helps.

Anyway, some tunes. Little riot grrl, little 80s, the best version of stairway I’ve ever heard, and 18.18% Tull for some reason:

  1. “Don’t Wait Up For Me” – The Donnas
  2. “Sweet Disposition” – Th Temper Trap
  3. “Hymn 43”- Jethro Tull
  4. “My Best Friend’s Hot” – The Dollyrots
  5. “Fucken Awesome” – Spiderbait
  6. “Safety Dance” – Men Without Hats
  7. “Yr Mangled Heart” – The Gossip
  8. “Bouree (Live 1992)” – Jethro Tull
  9. “Black Infinity (Upside Down)” – SULK
  10. “Rebel Yell” – Billy Idol
  11. “Stairway to Heaven (live)” – Frank Zappa

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