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11 Jan

In case you haven’t looked at this site in, like, forever, you probably know that I, as part of The Blibbering Humdingers, will be 1/3 Musical Guest of Honor at MarsCon in Williamsburg this weekend; merely one of a whole slew of really great guests, musical and otherwise. This is really my favorite con of the year – it’s like a homecoming; all my great and wonderful friends and I get to hang out, make music, play games, and engage in all sorts of shenanigans and tomfoolery.

Anyway, if you’re there, here’s where I’m scheduled to be over the course of the weekend:


  • 6pm – large auditorium – opening ceremonies
  • 8pm – large auditorium – Blibbering Humdingers concert
  • 11pm – con suite – Filk and Cookies (I’m likely to play some of my own stuff, and some ‘Riffy stuff, here, as well as Humdinger-y things)


  • 10am – small auditorium – “Behind the Music” panel
  • 5pm – large auditorium – Blibbering Humdingers Concert


  • 1pm – large auditorium – Blibbering Humdingers Concert
  • 2pm – large auditurium – round robin music

I also try to spend some time working the table with the band in the dealers’ room, and if I can manage to get a seat at my friend Dan’s GURPS table in the game room if scheduling works out, I will do my best. Also a good bet is me trying to get a couple of books signed by the author Guest of Honor Carrie Vaughn, who I’ve been a big fan of for years, and hanging out to watch all the rest of my fellow entertainers performing – I don’t know when all that is yet, but here’s the schedule for you to take a look at.

Oh yeah, Humdingers have a new CD too – come buy it!


2 Responses to “marscon schedule”

  1. 1
    Dan Says:

    It’s at 1 and we can be done by 4 – 4:30.

  2. 2
    chuck Says:

    I’ll do my best. It’s been a while – I need a dan game!

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