friday random eleven – “gettin’ ready for marscon” edition

11 Jan

My work week is done. I even made some progress on Thursday in solving that security issue, even if I spent most of the day updating my resume (not *entirely* in anticipation of hunting for a new job; I had to submit a resume for my latest certification application) and acting as tech support for the cybersecurity meeting happening in my building.

I worked most of a 16-hand reel in dance class. I didn’t suck.

As you might have guessed, while this isn’t posting until Friday morning, I’m writing this (and generating the playlist below) on Thursday night. I’m off on Friday for Marscon, where I’ll be all weekend (wanna know where? look at the previous post), playing music and enjoying quality time with my friends and family, both real and chosen. Gotta say, this is one of my favorite weekends of the year.

The next post you’ll see is probably going to be the name-dropping, description-of-how-much-fun-i-had-and-who-i-had-it-with write-up of what’s usually my favorite 48 hours or so of my whole damned year. I get to make music with all my friends, including bandmates The Blibbering Humdingers, a few Dimensional Riffs (who aren’t guests, but will all be there), and my fellow performers and co-conspirators Mikey Mason, Valentine Wolfe, Danny Birt, White Plectrum, and whoever else shows up, plus all my other non-performing buddies without websites – you all know who you are, and (I hope) how much I love you.

But, I gotta have all those adventures first, which I will be doing, starting around 2pm tomorrow, after I wedge all the instruments and such into the car and get my ass to Williamsburg.

Anyway, here’s a random sampling of tunes off my hard drive to tide you over until then. Most of it’s even pretty good!

  1. “One Voice” – The Wailin’ Jennys
  2. “Shop Vac” – Jonathan Coulton
  3. “Fantasies Come True” – Avenue Q OST
  4. “The Ballad of Lilah Rose (rough live version)” – S.J. Tucker
  5. “Goner” – Twenty-One Pilots
  6. “Let Me Go” – Three Doors Down
  7. “You Don’t Have To Go” – The War On Drugs
  8. “Blue Velvet” – Lana Del Rey
  9. “I Would Die 4 U” – Prince and the Revolution
  10. “Dance of the Shepards and Sheaprdesses
  11. “Watchin’ You (live)” – KISS

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