23 Jan

So, after getting furloughed yesterday, went back in to the office today as Congress reached a grand bargain half-assed postponement (beyond some good news for low income families needing healthcare) to reopen the government. For eleven business days.

Of course they waited until the last minute (Seriously, I got my “official” notification to report well after 11pm), because why not ratchet up the anxiety on federal employees to the greatest extent possible to cement our position as playthings of the ruling elite?

I may be slightly bitter, because of course I am. After spending yesterday morning shutting things down, The task is now the efforts of standing everything back up 24 hours later, which is going to take more than twice as long, because it’s way easier to cancel all these commitments than figure out how to get everybody back up to speed, and it sounds like I’m going to be head-down most of the rest of the week to make up for having to shut down for what was effectively half-a-workday while the Congresscritters kindly stopped their sniping and pissing contests for a few hours to look dramatically diplomatic and potentially presidential, only to kick the can down the alleyway for a little while.

I fully expect promises not to be kept, deadlines missed, and we’ll be doing this all again in three weeks.

I think I have a few Xanax left…


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