29 Jan

Now, I don’t really get the antipathy toward this word, though people seem to hate it, and it came up as the joke when I looked at WTForecast?!! (you mean you don’t know what WTF?!! is? you need to go and download the app immediately!) Sunday night.

However, it certainly is descriptive of the circumstances outside the window right now.

I had a weekend. Even after supposedly solving a long-standing problem at work Friday morning (I hope), I’ve mostly been feeling pretty awful (the plague that’s currently running through the school system seems to have maybe one claw in me, leaving me functional, but kind of fuzzy, with occasional gnomes mining for things in my sinus cavities), but getting things like laundry and dishes and grocery shopping done.

I ran a decent enough D&D session on Saturday afternoon, dragging my motley crue of adventurers through the beginnings of a 5E conversion of the classic “Isle of Dread” module I found online. They fought a few monsters and saved the villagers from pirate slavers. We shall have many, many more sessions wandering this particular isle, though I think my ranger *might* need to re-examine his alignment after his surprisingly brutal pyromaniac tendencies at the pirate lair (though it might just have been that his inhibitions go down when we skype him in from Texas; which worked well, in spite of a few glitches).

Otherwise, I mostly chilled at home, stared at the television or a book (just got started with Leona Wisoker’s Servants of the Sands that I picked up from her at Marscon), usually covered with an average of one-point-three cats (yes, I did the back-of-the-envelope calculation). I’ve been watching the first epsidoes of Black Mirror after seeing lots of quiet praise on the internet. I’m enjoying it, though it goes to some *very* dark places in it’s examination of technology and media in modern society. Nonetheless, I recommend it highly. I also kept up with the Road to Infinity War movie-a-week thing, watching Captain America: The First Avenger for week five last night; it’s been a while since I watched this one beginning to end; I forgot how very good it was.

Not a whole lot on the agenda for this week, really. Just gotta get through it.


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