Monday update: travel woes mostly

05 Mar

So it’s Monday. Yeah.

Weekend was busy. So busy. Friday night was set up the feis; integrate the college kids into the household for the next week. Saturday was get up just as early as I get up every other day to do the dance dad thing at the feis all day, handling all sorts of volunteer things and being generally busy. Barely saw the house. Sunday I got to sleep in a bit, but then it was groceries, and taking the family out to see Black Panther (again) so Mary could see it, then a very good, but pretty expensive dinner out.

I did immediately fall in love with the music of songwriter Caitlyn Smith about four bars into the first song of hers I heard on Live From Here Saturday evening on the drive home. I purchased her record Starfire, immediately upon arriving at home, in a weird transaction where I could get the MP3 downloads for a price of $9.99, or the physical CD (which came with a free download of the MP3s of all the songs) for $7.99. Guess which one I got?

Then it was coming to terms with the fact that Monday meant work again.

The week is going to be extra weird as well, I guess. I didn’t wake up to any particular crap like I saw last week from people who ought to know better, but the Monday staff meeting this afternoon might change that. I hope not. I also had to shut down some assumptions about my presence in Orlando Florida the first week in April (I’m not going…thank $diety), where I’d not been invited to some sort of symposium, but they had my name on the draft schedule to run some workshops that really weren’t my area anyway.

I will, however, be spending the back half of the week in Ohio, for reasons I can’t quite fathom – it’s an occasion to sit in a conference room and stare at powerpoints for two and a half days, which is, as you can imagine, a thing I live for.

As I have said, at least while I’m in Columbus I can obtain freshly grilled White Castle. Small favors, small pleasures.

Next week, I’m taking a class, which gets me mostly out of the office, but it also means spending a week studying basic accounting, which was such fun during grad school.

So that’s been my life, and what appears to be on the horizon. I’ll talk about the cool band gigs coming up in the back half of the month once we get there. That’s basically what’s keeping me going at this point.


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