friday random eleven: “good” edition

30 Mar

It’s Friday. I believe I may be dealing with a touch of con crud, west coast style. Joy. I’m feeling a little less than amazing. Should be a low-impact work day, thank goodness.

Anyway, I just gotta get through the day, haul my ass out to Amherst this afternoon to haul the kid back (she needs a break), then maybe I get a break – I’ve got a copy of The Last Jedi sitting near the blu-ray player I wouldn’t mind watching.

The big event for my weekend is a ‘Riffs gig at Retro Daddio in Williamsburg Saturday night (click that link for deets). The set is finally together, and I spent a couple of hours last evening working on getting myself off-book for these tunes; when you’re playing with two different groups, it takes a little extra effort to force the brain and the fingers to switch gears. I’ll get there. Hoping it’s a good one, and drama (always a possibility with these kids, however much I love them) is kept to a minimum.

Anyway, that’s really life from here – I just, as I said, need to get through the day (and I’m hoping for the traditional holiday “59 minute rule”* to come into play); we’ll get there.

With that, here’s the welcome return of the random ten eleven**, absent for several weeks because I was too damned busy traveling or whatever. This one’s not bad; some indie, some Zappa, a touch of hair metal, and a healthy dose of Viking. The perfect soundtrack to pillaging thrift stores for skinny jeans, guyliner, and flannel:

  1. “The Torture Never Stops Part Two (live)” – Frank Zappa
  2. “Rolling in the Deep” – Adele
  3. “Before Battle I Embrace” – Folkearth
  4. “Dreams” – The Cranberries
  5. “Apocalypse” – Cigarettes After Sex
  6. “War of the Gods” – Amon Amarth
  7. “Dr. Feelgood” – Motley Crue
  8. “Come On Eileen”- Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  9. “So Young” – Portugal the Man
  10. “Enjoy the Silence” – Depeche Mode
  11. “Under Pressure” – Queen with David Bowie
  12. “Police Blitz” – The Donnas
  13. “Cry Baby” – Kitten Forever

…and finally to those who celebrating various things, have a joyous Easter weekend, Passover, etc.


* – go down that online google hole sometime; it’s a strange, bureaucratic whirlwind of legal jargon, memos, and human resources weirdness.

** – okay, thirteen this time. I missed a few weeks, so it’s okay (and totally not because I got distracted and miscounted).


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