my hour(s) upon the stage…are exhausting

12 Apr

Still struggling a bit with the impact of the recovery from Flustravaganza™ 2018, though I did force myself out of my office/car/bedroom environment a bit yesterday afternoon, “taking the air”, as they say, at the local parks – I walked (not terribly energetically) a mile or two on some trails, as the weather was nice, and I, frankly, needed a change of scenery (and the park was right near the library, and I had some books to drop anyway).

The walk was nice; though it wore me out (good), though the giant plant orgy currently turning everything in Central Virginia a speckled shade of yellow-green added some additional congestion to my sinus situation (less good).

Today, however, I’m dragging a bit – due to the exercise (which is more than I’ve gotten in a while, given weather and health), the pollen, and the ravages of aging on my recovery processes. Enough that I’m going to once again sit out of ceili class tonight – I just don’t have the energy to rock the reels at full speed. I shall make sure to share my apologies with the class.

This condition of mine isn’t necessarily optimal, as today’s one of those “many hours upon the stage” sorts of days (read “stage” as “conference call phone”), wherein I have to give my monthly minute on a Department-wide status call for the benefit of a certain high-ranking senior executive who’s got eyes on “Deputy Secretary of XXXXX for XXXXX” as the next addition to their resume. On top of that, I’ve got to sit in for the boss on another call this afternoon, filling in as the high-and-mighty cross-agency Joint Program Manager for this unwieldy program of which I’m a soulless cog integral part (which has already eaten up a few hours of phone time already this morning, thanks to excessive deceased-equine-beating).

I shall hope I am able to maintain my restraint and avoid becoming drunk with power.

Mostly, I expect I’ll be a little foggy on sinus and allergy meds, and shall endeavor to not embarrass myself.


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