tired, but…

08 May

I did something sort of nice for me yesterday. I took the afternoon off for myself and just wandered about a bit. Did a Pokemon EX raid, picked the bones of the closing Toys R Us (and found something awesome), and just kind of enjoyed the quiet.

It was the right thing to do for me. For some reason, stress and anxiety have been ramping up the last couple of days. There’s some work stuff (but there’s always work stuff), and the house now has twenty percent more human in it (by consciousness if not volume), which in general is a good thing, but still a change. My bike’s in the shop until at least Wednesday afternoon, so my usual pressure release valve is unavailable (not that the weather’s really cooperating), and I’m kind of floating a bit.

I do, however, have something to feel good about. A friend (who I’d lost a bit of touch with in recent years) reached out looking for help in dealing with a significant loss in his life. Something very similar to something I’ve gone through myself. We talked. I think he felt better afterward.

That said, as good as I feel about helping someone else and sharing my experience and energy to help them through something (and I do feel *very* good about it), I’m feeling a little extra drained today.

Still worth it.


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